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Google Street View now covers 95% of the UK

Posted on | March 11, 2010 | No Comments

Google Street View covers 95% of the UK

Google Street View covers 95% of the UK

Google Street View expanded its UK coverage today allowing  Googlers to now take a virtual walk down almost 95% of the streets in the UK.

Google first released street view (part of Google Maps) in the UK last March but until now only covered 25 of the main cities. Over the last year Google street cars have been busy racing up and down our streets capturing every last little detail, if you look carefully you might even see yourself or some one you know.

Google are updating the service allowing users to edit place markers and are even expected to introduce new features such as cycle routes which it now has for the US.

For those of you wanting to learn a little more about Google street view check out the video below or visit Google Maps.

Fancy killing a little time? Jump on Google Maps and start playing spot you and friends on street view. I’ve found 6 of mine, can you beat it? |:)

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