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Doodle Dollars – 3 million sales

Doodle Jump reaches 3 million sales

Doodle Jump reaches 3 million sales

Doodle Jump has broken the 3 million sales mark.

The insanely addictive iPhone app/game has tripled in sales since mid December 2009 when it first broke its first million. At 59p in the UK and $0.99 in the US this means the application has grossed almost $3 million dollars since it was released in April 2009.  With roughly $0.70 earnt per $0.99 this works out as $2.1 million dollars for two man band that are Lima Sky.

PS3 clock problem ‘fixed’

ps3 clock problem fixed

PS3 clock problem fixed

Sony says PS3 clock problem is ‘resolved’ – but Sony aren’t saying exactly what caused it.

Yesterday millions of PS3 users where affected as they experienced issues attempting to sign into the Playstation network. Reports soon rang out amongst the forums that some users were also loosing saved game and trophy data.

Eric Schmidt Aprils Fool Prank (1986)

Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt

Whooooa, now there’s a ripe piece of nerd if ever I’ve seen one.

The YouTube clip below was taken from a local American television news network that was covering a story on an April fools day gag played on an unexpecting Eric Schmidt in 1986 when he was a Sun Microsystems.  For those of you unfamiliar with who Eric is, he’s the CEO of Google and former member of the Board of Directors of Apple Inc.


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